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With a vision to advance democracy, freedom of religion or belief and human rights in Africa, our work focuses on building capacity of regional parliamentarians and legislators, conducting advocacy and fact-finding missions related to human rights and creating public awareness about our work in the region and internationally.


We believe advocacy to be a way to engage parliamentarians and legislators in meaningful actions. Hence, we  conduct advocacy for parliamentarians aimed at relevant stakeholders to bring about a transformative change. This mobilizes our member parliamentarians to act on human rights violations in their country or region in order to defend and safeguard democracy and human rights, including the right to freedom of religion or belief of the most vulnerable members in Africa.


AfriPAHR conducts fact-finding missions to learn about issues facing human rights, in particular the right to FoRB in countries of concern. We invite small groups of parliamentarians from the African region to visit target countries. Such missions give us the opportunity to engage with local stakeholders and discuss strategic interventions and engagements in the country. Recently AfriPAHR members accomplished missions to Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Engaging and building strong relationships in countries of concern is key to our work. To this end, AfriPAHR leadership and members often visit countries of concern to engage meetings with political leadership and other relevant stakeholders with a view to establish dialogue, discover facts, collect information and lobby for collective actions.


We believe in building stronger engagements and capacity amongst parliamentarians and legislators in the network. We organize several trainings that provide in-depth knowledge of human rights in order to ensure that parliamentarians can play a meaningful role in the prevention of human rights abuses. By doing this, we also equip our network parliamentarians with skills, tools and knowledge in relevant topics. The training target different categories of AfriPAHR members to ensure maximum impact.

African Parliamentarians Association for Human Rights